Custom art - How it works

We've created a range of guides to assist you in ordering your very own masterpiece. This guide explains the details of our custom works to make your order easy.


We can use most images types and formats. Large, high resolution images that are full sized render the best results. If you are shooting an image for a custom artwork, make sure there is plenty of room around the subject. This means there is room for our designers to crop in to.

Here is a good example; this has been shot directly from an Iphone.


We have four tried and tested colours available for our custom paperbacks. These are the colours that were used by old publishing houses that give these works that old, retro feel.

For custom colours for clubs, we ask that you provide a club website. Our designers can use this to grab club colours and often a logo that we use in the artwork.

Some colours are easier to work with than others, but don't worry. If your desired colours are getting in the way of a great result then we'll offer you a few alternatives.


Our designers can usually grab this from a club website. If this is for an event or another occasion we can place something appropriate there for you. Please let us know if there is something specific you'd like in the details field.


We reccomend using the name of the club here if it is appropriate. Some clients use this as a reference to their school, club or organisation. Our designers will make some suggestions for you when we send options to you for approval.


Titles can be tricky to come up with but, luckily, we do it all the time! If you get stuck you can take a look at our title suggestions page. Otherwise you can select the checkbox and leave it to us to make some suggestions for you.

Title guide


We can fit text up to 23 characters.


Please include any details about why you are creating a custom artwork for someone special. Our designers will use this to add details to your work and make a truly unique artwork for you.

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