Photo guide

Here are our tips for getting the best image for your Fisher Classics;

Phone photos

  • Take your photo in natural daylight without using the flash
  • Don't crop the photo too close. Make sure there is a bit of space around the subject.
  • Taking photo at eye level of the subject or a little lower is a good rule of thumb.

Here is a good example; this has been shot directly from an Iphone.

Posing tips for kids

  • Kids often dress in their teams uniforms but its not a requirement
  • Take the photo from at or below their eye level (this makes them appear bigger)
  • A few photos of them kicking, marking and handballing are a good idea.
  • Make sure they are looking in one direction; left to right or right to left.

Social Media images

  • Try to get the original image if possible. Social Media compresses the file a great deal so best results are from the original image.

Requesting an image from a friend

  • Please ask for it in the biggest size possible. Ask them to email it in a large format.

Scanned images

  • Please upload these as high res and full sized jpg images