Photo guide

Here are our tips for getting the best image for your Fisher Classics;

Phone photos

  • Take your photo in natural daylight without using the flash
  • Don't crop the photo too close. Make sure there is a bit of space around the subject.
  • Taking photo at eye level of the subject or a little lower is a good rule of thumb.

Here is a good example; this has been shot directly from an Iphone.

Posing tips for kids

  • Kids often dress in their teams uniforms but its not a requirement
  • Take the photo from at or below their eye level (this makes them appear bigger)
  • A few photos of them kicking, marking and handballing are a good idea.
  • Make sure they are looking in one direction; left to right or right to left.

Social Media images

  • Try to get the original image if possible. Social Media compresses the file a great deal so best results are from the original image.

Requesting an image from a friend

  • Please ask for it in the biggest size possible. Ask them to email it in a large format.

Scanned images

  • Please upload these as high res and full sized jpg images

How to Email Full Sized Photos From The IPhone Photos App

The way most people email photos from iPhone is via the Photos app. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Photos app.
  2. You can tap any album that the photo is in, but it’s probably easiest to tap the Library tab at the bottom of the app to see all your photos.
  3. Scroll through the Library and when you see the photo(s) you want to email, tap the Select button at the top right of the Library.
  4. Now tap on any photo you want to email. Selected photos will have a blue checkmark.
  5. Tap the Share button after you have selected the photo(s). The Share button looks like a box with an arrow pointing up.
  6. Tap the Mail icon.
  7. A New Message window will appear.
  8. In the To field, type .
  9. Add your name and order to the subject.
  10. You’ll see the photo(s) attached in the body of the email. Add a message if you wish.
  11. Now tap the Send button.
  12. A popup will appear asking what size you want to send the photo(s) at.
    You can choose from Small, Medium, Large, or Actual, which is the biggest.
    Make sure you choose the largest possible setting
    Tap your preferred size and the email with the photo(s) will now be sent.