Fisher Classics Custom Workshop | Dick Harris

We love custom work. Theres a story behind each artwork and creating memories with clients is a real buzz.

Paul Fisher (no relation) came to us asking to get a work done to celebrate the career of his great uncle Dick Harris.

Dick played in the 1934 and 43 Richmond premiership side. He coached VFA side in between these flags. Through a bit of research I discovered that players would often move from VFL to VFA (or country footy) and back again; would love to know more about this in terms of money or work. If you have info, send me an email.

The only playing image of Dick is this very small playing card image.

The other challenge was to give this artwork a strong Richmond connection while maintaining the feel of the 1930 era.

A bit of digging lead us to these fantastic cards of players in the 30’s with a starburst design.

Given that Dick didn’t have one of these starburst cards (as far as we could find) I thought it’d be cool to give him one with a Fisher Classic take.

Given the constraints of the very small image this meant I could work with other design elements to create the artwork.

We changed the angle of the player’s pose with some photoshop elements to give Dick a modern ‘Dusty fend off’ feel.

The crest font is Futura rather than the ornate lettering of past lockups. Apart from me not being a typesetter, I’ve got my own creative reasons for using this font in artworks (hint: take a look around Melbourne landmarks).

This ‘muted’ crest doesn’t pull focus from the hero of the artwork, Dick, himself.

We were thrilled with the textures coming out of the printer. Contrasting colours like this really allow the brushing in of textures into the artwork.

Hard to see from flat images but this work has a great depth to it, enhanced by the starburst design.

We rushed this off to Fish at his work before we got on to holidays. The big fella was real pleased and shared the outcome with us on the socials.

If you have a query about Custom Artwork please feel free to drop us a line on our contact page. We love doing custom artworks for clients.

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