Fisher Classics | Willowman

Getting to create artwork for a great Australian Sporting Story; A commission from The Australian Book Review. 

‘Is there any chance you can get this done by COB tomorrow?’ was the email from Caroline Overington.

Caroline gave us a quick run down of the book that was being reviewed by Peter Lalor; Willowman was the book by Inga Simpson. They needed an illustration to accompany the review and time was of the essence.

A couple of emails back and forth regarding visual direction and we had a concept going.

This was a book about cricket so the themes around the sport were going to be fairly universal.

‘Yes! That is exactly it!’ this response confirmed that we’d met the brief. The artwork was off to the digital media team at the Australian that night.

The timing of this job co-insided with Fisher Classics having a holiday in Tasmania. This meant an anxious artist pacing the departure lounge at the airport waiting for the morning papers to arrive.

The reaction shot speaks volumes.

The holiday was a welcome break but mother nature interrupted our Three Capes Walk with 35mm of rain and 8 degrees as a top temp. We were glad to return home.

Were greeted with some fantastic emails and a number of requests for prints of the artwork.

The most recent interaction of this artwork was an A0 sized print for a client in WA.

We were thrilled to get an A3 sized print to the author. 

Willowman is available in various sizing on request. Get in touch with us to find out more.