Fisher Classics | Eddie's Journey

A shocking story and an impulse burst of creativity led to an amazing experience for Fisher Classics.

It’s fair to say that Eddie Betts transcends tribal divisions in Australian Rules Football. The man is regarded as a skilled and erudite, lucid and true human. 

We were all shocked to hear the revelations of the experiences Eddie had at Adelaide early in the 2018 pre-season camp.

Eddie was on AFL 360 talking about the trauma he’s experienced.

Before you knew it, our artist, Dan, had got to the workshop and had sent some proofs of something around.

We asked ourselves; should we put this out there? Is this more white guys talking when they should be listening?

After some external feedback we pushed it out to our social channels.

Twitter went a bit crazy after Robert Murphy and a few others retweeted the image.

Charlie Cameron and Eddie Betts himself shared the image on Instagram.

An hour later we’d had a number of emails from AFL identities enquiring about prints of the artwork. The artwork hadn’t even been considered being printed and we were taking orders.

We were lucky enough to meet Eddie and his wife Anna during an incredibly busy week for them at a book signing of Eddies book ‘The Boy from Boomerang Cresent’.

We were thrilled to get print number #1 of this artwork to Eddie and Anna. We are incredibly proud that this artwork is theirs and the reaction that it elicited online.

It features on our magnetic business cards that we include with each artwork purchased from Fisher Classics.

This was a really humbling experience for Fisher Classics. We are truly grateful to Eddie and Anna and a number of people connected with them for their support of our creativity.